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About us

About Us

The original idea for our company was promotion of land investments in Warmian-Masurian province of Poland. As the company developed, we began expanding our offer by settlements in other beautiful regions of the country.

Our Mission

Enabling our clients a purchase of a plot surrounded by a beautiful landscape and investing funds in stable and one of the fastest growing economies in Europe.

Offer of TwojeKrajobrazy.com

In times when the financial market is characterized by high instability, investors are increasingly placing their funds in real estate. The plots offered by our company are ideally located by lakes or in the mountains surrounded by beautiful nature and wonderful landscapes. The most important thing for our clients is that the value of land in Poland increases regularly.

In the last 10 years value of land in Warmian-Masurian province has increased by over 450%. Real estate market research proof that subsequent years will bring further increase in prices.

Land is perfect investment for everyone. It allows a safe deposit of capital, with even small financial outlay. The purchased plot can be used for recreational purposes, profiting from renting, or may one day create a perfect place to live on retirement.