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Koniaków - mountain plots

Koniaków is a small, charming village located in the Silesian province, in municipality of Istebna. It is located in the historical area of th Cieszyn Silesia. 18 km south of Koniaków lies town of Wisła, place best known for being birthplace and home of famous polish ski jumper Adam Małysz, but also known for its sizable Aquapark. The town of Żywiec, home of one of the countries biggest breweries is just 30 km away and can be easily accessed by S1 highway. Together with nearby village of Jaworzynka and Istebna Koniaków creates one of the most beautiful and charming places in Poland. The village is also famous for production of lace ornaments and garments.

Koniakow residents are extremely opened and friendly people. Well established relations with many of them allowed us the access to some of the best plots in the area. The size of plots ranges from 1000 to 2000 sq m. They are located in a beautiful green area surrounded by trees, with a mountain stream flowing nearby, creating a perfect place for walks and rest. In contrast to many mountain villages, Koniaków is not situated in the valley, but on the ridge at an altitude of approx. 700 m above sea level It is this location that makes the village unique as beautiful views are everywhere to be seen.

Two seasons of the region

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Koniaków is a beautiful, peacful mountain village, located on the southern tip of Poland.

Picturesque peaks of the Silesian Beskids, with panoramas of the surrounding towns, valleys and mountains.

  • Bielsko – Biała: 56 km
  • Szczyrk: 40 km
  • Ustroń: 28 km
  • Wisła: 18 km

Koniaków is also very attractive tourist location. Several ski lifts operate in the area of ​​the village itself, and the most modern ski resort in Poland, the Town of Sczyrk, is only 45 km away. In summer, in addition to comfortable hiking boots, bicycles will also be useful, as the main Carpathian Mountains Bicycle Route, totaling 621 km, passes through the village together with 28 km green cycling route No. 253 – Istebna – Jaworzynka – Koniaków. Koniaków is characterized by its charming architecture and lively traditional culture. with local delicacies and various local products sold on every corner. Two viewspots of Ochodzita (895 m) and Koczy Zamek (846 m) can be found close to the settlement. As Koniaków is famous for the production of lace ornaments, the Lace Museum was established

Building plots located in Koniaków are prepared for development of single-family houses, with small additional charge for connecting electricity and water. The average price of a brick house (with a basement) is PLN 1,700 net per square meter, and 2,700 PLN net per square meter for a house made of wood.
It is worth remembering that a plot investment is characterized by high growth potential and is an excellent financial choice for a secure retirement. Therefore, if you are looking for a peace and beautiful views from your own window or backyard, Koniaków is an ideal place thanks to its natural charming location and hospitable and friendly residents.